Ironstone also has the additional focus of supporting the community;


East Fremantle Football Club

Ironstone's board currently has three members which hold board positions at East Fremantle Football Club, Con Tripi; President, and Mark Stewart; Vice President. In their key roles within the football club is the development and implementation of indigenous programs for players that are involved within the mid west area. East Fremantle has a long history of developing pathways for young sports people to find careers in sport and mentoring them in career guidance and opportunities in apprenticeships.

Ironstone has a strong business relationship with the East Fremantle Football Club and will continue to foster the development of programs in leadership and mentoring within the communities. We would continue to use the resources of effc in community based programs and activities. Ef board is responsible for some 2500 stakeholders from members volunteers and sponsors this diverse group is managed under a charter of values with respect to the history, culture and key objectives of the football club. The elements which are the key principles of our brand are leadership, trust, loyalty and respect, all of the values are also intrinsic to ironstone.




Advantage Coaching Academy

Ironstone has a strong alliance with its partner in Advantage Coaching Academy (ACA), coordinated by Travis Gaspar. Ironstone has a direct involvement with using ACA's resources in helping people of all backgrounds reach their potential.

The key concepts of the ACA's program include:

  • Team Culture
  • Leadership
  • What makes a leader
  • How can you be a leader
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Goal Setting
  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Smart goals
  • Team Work
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Drugs - secondary school students
  • Alcohol - secondary school students
  • Smoking - secondary school students
  • Road Safety - secondary school students
  • Health & well being
  • Mental well being
  • Healthy Eating
  • Fitness Sessions



Travis Gaspar

Director of Advantage Coaching Academy 



  • 7 years with the West Coast Eagles Football Club
  • West Coast Eagles rock my school program  -working with primary school aged students - increasing awareness around health, fitness and well being
  • Mentoring High School students through the Beyond Blue Organisation in conjunction with West Coast Eagles - working on leadership, depression, goal setting and anxiety issues with adolescents  
  • 4 years working in the construction and resource industry as a Safety Advisor and Trainer and Assessor with SGS Australia and John Holland Group
  • Certificate 4 Training and Assessment 
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness Trainer
  • Occupational Health and Safety Diploma
  • Senior First Aid 
  • Injury Management Co-ordinators Certificate of Attainment 
  • Certificate III in public safety (community safety) - Identify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations.
  • Certificate IV in public safety-Operate as part of an Emergency Control OrganisationACA_logo